Wells Fargo To Assist With Problem Mortgages

Wells Fargo, who service about twelve per cent of US mortgages, are to join forces with the NACA (Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America) in a scheme, to assist people who are behind with their mortgage payments, to stay in their homes.

These two organizations intend to work together, to assist those who are finding their mortgage payments difficult to maintain, to obtain a more appropriate repayment level. This is a welcome initiative, as it should assist many at risk house buyers to remain in their homes. Moreover, as NACA has hundreds of professional counselors available expert assistance is accessible for those able to take advantage of the plans.

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This joint approach by two such respected names in the mortgage business will be extremely welcome at this critical time. Wells Fargo are at the forefront of retail mortgage lending, and the NACA are a non profit making organization, whose assistance has already benefited many thousands of mortgage holders.

To those who have achieved their ambition of having a home of their own the threat of foreclosure is a demeaning and worrying prospect. However, schemes of this sort imply that help is readily obtainable for many people, and should greatly assist in helping them to avoid the agony of repossession.


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