Is Alistair The Bank's Darling?

Have Gordon (Do what it takes) Brown, and Alistair (Do what it takes) Darling, done sufficient to reignite the UK housing market? A better question might be why they would want to stoke up, what was a significant cause of the problem in the first place. It is surely elementary that whenever anything overheats it eventually cools down.

The telephone number sums of money that are being used to bolster the system are staggering to perplexed, and sometimes angry, taxpayers. They understandably ask how can the people who got us into this mess, be trusted to get us out? There is 50 billion pounds here, 40 billion pounds there, and 6-700 billion dollars somewhere else. While all of this is going on, it is reported that greedy executives of Lehman Brothers were securing millions of dollars in bonuses; at the very time the business was collapsing.

All most people ever wanted was a reasonable home at a reasonable price, not a topsy-turvy, interbank mish mash of swapping mortgages and everything else! Could it ever last? No! Should it have been allowed to continue? No! So who should now foot the bill for all this folly? It looks like it will be the taxpayer; the poor bewildered man in the street!

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It is a pity that those who created this ruinous situation, will not be asked to refund their ridiculous bonuses. They are the beneficiaries and it seems as though most of the rest of us will be their paymasters. Perhaps the Government mantra ought not to be - We'll do whatever it takes - but - We'll do what we like with your money!


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